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Course descriptions...

All our courses are offered individually or included as part of a package. This allows you to train at your own pace and choose the courses you would like to attend, alternatively the packages will help you get started in your new career as a Beautician, Complementary Therapist or Nail Technician as soon as possible and as all our packages are discounted by 25% you really do get value for money.

Below we have included a brief description for all our courses to give you an introductory insight into what our training centre can offer you. If you would like further details or any help in deciding what would be the best course for you, please call or email us where our staff will be happy to assist you.



Nail enhancement courses...

Gel Nail Extensions

Gel is easier to apply than acrylic, making it the easier system to learn and ideal for beginners. Gel nails are odour free and a highly sought after treatment. During the gel nail extension course you will learn how to prepare the natural nail, tip application as well as gel overlays and the on-going maintenance gel nail extensions will require.

Acrylic Nail Extensions

An ambitious nail technician should master the art of applying acrylic extensions as they are one of the strongest extensions available as well as being extremely popular especially as clients favour the permanent French look that can be achieved . The course covers how to prepare the natural nail, tip application as well as acrylic overlays and the on-going maintenance acrylic nail extensions will require.

Fibreglass/Silk Nail Extensions

Fibreglass/silk nails are not as popular as gel or acrylic nails, but in a lot of ways can have a greater benefit for the clients that are unable to grow their natural nails. The system once applied looks very natural, is kinder to the natural nail and is odourless upon application. Fibreglass/silk looks extremely natural and are one of the easiest systems to remove. The course covers how to prepare the natural nail, tip application as well as fibreglass/silk overlays and the on-going maintenance fibreglass/silk nail extensions and overlays will require.

Nail Art Freehand/Airbrushing

During your freehand course you will learn how to apply freehand painted designs, transfers, stencils, dust and striping, allowing you to learn all aspects of this popular treatment.

The airbrushing course will introduce you to the techniques of using an airbrush, colour blending with acrylic paints, allowing you to produce outstanding designs. An airbrush does not use nail varnish, all the designs are applied using acrylic paints allowing you to be extremely creative with your designs.